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Guiding Companies Across the Product Development Lifecycle

ASME's Y14 standards guide you across the product development process, from concept through to delivery, empowering you to deliver solutions that meet and exceed performance criteria. Their established language and methodology have become the framework for much of today's production, inspection and computer-aided design (CAD) software. Gain access to core rules and templates used across industry and around the world. ​

  • Fosters communication through a common design language​
  • Facilitates product development across software & technologies​
  • Provides tools to achieve greater precision by establishing proper dimensions & tolerances
  • Empowers user to develop performance driven solutions​
  • Supports clear & streamlined drawings, models and documentation​
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As new technologies and innovations emerge, ASME develops and evolves its standards to support new processes, systems and technologies. Explore new standards, articles, information and more on Y14 and related standards.​

Y14 Categories

ASME Y14 Drafting Standards


Explore design formats, practices, rules, requirements, terms, definitions and more across drawings & models.

ASME Y14 Mechanism & Device Standards

Mechanism & Device

Discover the latest practices for casting & forging technologies, gages, fixtures and more. ​

ASME Y14 Digital Product Definition Standards

Digital Product Definition

Access design rules, 3D model requirements, templates, terminology and more used across global industries.

ASME Y14 Symbol & Abbreviation Standards

Symbol & Abbreviation

Stay in the know with the latest methods, terms, applications, symbols, abbreviations and diagrams.​

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