Literature Awards

Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award

Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award Award is presented for the best original paper or papers which has/have been presented before ASME and/or published by ASME during the two calendar years immediately preceding the year of the award.

Freeman Scholar Award

A person of extensive experience in fluids engineering is selected as the Freeman Scholar.

Gas Turbine Award

Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the literature of combustion gas turbines or gas turbines thermally combined with nuclear or steam power plants.

Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award

Award is given for an original technical paper presented or accepted for publication by the Society at least two years prior by a Student Member or Member who was not yet 35 years of age.

Melville Medal

The Melville Medal for the best original paper (not published elsewhere) which has been published in the ASME Transactions during the two calendar years immediately preceding the year of the award.

Edward F. Obert Award

The Edward F. Obert Award recognizes an outstanding paper on thermodynamics authored during the preceding two calendar years.

Prime Movers Committee Award

Prime Movers Committee Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the literature of thermal electric station practice or equipment which are available through public presentation and publication.

Worcester Reed Warner Medal

The Worcester Reed Warner Medal is awarded to an individual for outstanding contribution to the permanent literature of engineering.

Joint Awards

ASME members may be eligible and qualified to receive various other engineering awards submitted by other societies, including National Medal of Science, James Watt International Medal, Alfred Noble Prize, Joan Hodges Queneau Award, Kelvin Gold Medal, Niels Bohr International Gold Meda.



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