PRT Certification

PRT Certification (Parts Fabrication)


PRT (Parts Fabrication) Certification is a program that allows certification to be extended to parts suppliers who fabricate parts from the design(s) provided by a BPV Certificate Holder.

ASME recognizes that not all parts manufacturers are involved in fabrication activities that requires them to design (including developing stress calculations and analysis required by the BPV Code), and therefore created a time and resource- saving alternative for your suppliers… PRT Certification. The PRT program is applicable to the following the BPV Book sections listed below:

  • PRT-1 for Section I
  • PRT-2 for Section IV
  • PRT-3 for Section VIII, Div. 1
  • PRT-4 for Section XII

*Section VIII, Div.2 is currently under review to determine if a new proposed PRT-5 scope covering parts manufactured without design responsibility would be appropriate for U2 stamped pressure vessels.

Why PRT Certification?

  • Compete at the highest levels: for parent companies who are existing ASME BPVC product certificate holders, PRT certification would be of benefit to you as the number of qualified parts suppliers in the marketplace would increase — and provide you with more quality choices.
    • Elevate your supply chain to the quality and safety standards that would be optimal for competing at the highest levels – both domestically and internationally
    • Experience potential cost savings by having your supply chain “do it right” the first time - ensure the integrity of the parts being supplied!
  • "Free up" company resources and devote more time and energy to the expansion of your product lines. ASME Certificate Holders eliminates the need to involve your own QC personnel to perform audits of non ASME certified PRT Certificate Holders. ASME provides trained quality control auditors to conduct a review at the plant where the parts are being manufactured to ensure that the company has a comprehensive quality control program prior to awarding the company PRT certification.
  • Open New Doors of Opportunity - ASME BPV Certification is recognized throughout the world. In fact, over 7000 organizations in 95 different countries are ASME BPV Certification holders. Obtaining ASME PRT certification can open up new areas of expansion outside of the BPV certification world — such as in Aerospace, Oil & Gas and the Chemical industry — where major stakeholders not only require parts suppliers, but need to know that their parts suppliers have a comprehensive quality control program that will ensure ordered parts meet the critical specifications required by the stakeholder.

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