Why "Demand The Mark"

Are You Willing to Risk It?

Companies that do not use ASME stamped products may introduce costly and even dangerous mistakes into their processes.

The ASME Single Certification Mark (The MARK) is the international mark of safety and quality. Companies that use parts and products with The MARK communicate their commitment to the highest levels of public safety and quality. That’s why businesses and regulators around the world “Demand The Mark.”

Why “Demand The Mark?”

Around the world, The MARK gives businesses a competitive edge.


  • Promotes safety and quality in fabrication, manufacturing, and power generation by meeting the highest standards.
  • Reduces the possibility of unintentionally introducing problems and costly mistakes, rework and maintenance into pressure vessels, parts and products within a facility and supply chain.

Purchase ASME stamped equipment from anywhere in the world, with the confidence and knowledge that it has met ASME’s standard and level of quality, no matter where it was produced.

ASME’s Conformity Assessment certification program and The MARK are recognized worldwide. For over 100 years ASME has been recognized as the global leader in safety and quality. Today, there are over 7,000 ASME certified companies around the world, including many multi-national corporations and power generation companies.

The MARK - A Clear Demonstration of a Rigorous Quality Program

The MARK is recognition that the manufacturer has followed all aspects of the applicable ASME code or standard, and met the rigorous requirements of ASME’s Conformity Assessment certification program. Unless the manufacturer has a Certificate of Authorization from ASME allowing them to use The MARK, and stating that their product is certified to the ASME Code, it is NOT an ASME stamped product. Only companies that successfully complete a rigorous, third-party review of their Quality Program are authorized to use The MARK.

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