Committee Member Training Resources

New Member Training and Orientation Resources

To aid members in better understanding how ASME standards development activities are conducted and how to actively participate on a committee, several training tools and guidance documents have been developed. Members and Staff are encouraged to review these modules and documents.

ASME Standards & Certification Training Modules
The Why and How of ASME Standards & Certification

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

ASME’s standards development activities are conducted according to procedures accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in addition to ASME Constitution and Bylaws and Society Policies. We’ve also created codes and standards guidelines and policy documents to aid in preparing committee agendas, minutes, manuscripts, and technical revisions.

Electronic Tools (Members Only) ASME’s C&S Connect system allows committee members to track, update and vote on work items such as revisions to standards. C&S Connect also houses committee web pages, allows members to view meeting agendas and minutes and connect with other committee participants.

C&S Connect Training Modules
Additional Guides and Training Materials
C&S Connect Quick Guide
Video Training Modules

Handbooks ASME Standards & Certification Committee Handbooks provide departmental-specific guidance on committee activities.

Standardization and Testing Committee Handbook
Nuclear C&S Committee Handbook
Pressure Technology C&S Committee Handbook
Safety C&S Committee Handbook
Conformity Assessment Committee Handbook

For more information on ASME standards development activities, procedures and the C&S Connect system, please contact the appropriate ASME Staff member.

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