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Globally recognized as an accredited provider of multidisciplinary engineering training.

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Training for Engineering Transformation

In the last century alone, the engineering industry has boldly brought us through several industrial revolutions. Great engineering achievements have positively impacted humankind. But as remarkable as these innovations are, there are many more engineering opportunities to be realized.

At ASME Learning and Development (L&D), our mission is to advance the skills and grow careers of engineering professionals and their teams. Our vision is to empower the global engineering community to solve the challenges of today & tomorrow.

Learn from Top Engineering Experts

Our diverse course catalog is developed and taught by practicing industry engineers, who bring decades of real-world experience across a wide range of technical and non-technical topics. With relevant projects, assignments, and interactivity, you can practice and apply new skills in a safe, controlled environment and receive personalized feedback.

Flexible Professional Development

Our Live and On Demand courses provide schedule flexibility for you and your team. Finally, to ensure the engineering community has access to high-quality training worldwide, we've also established a global network of Authorized Training Providers.

Our Types of Learning Experiences

ASME Courses are single learning experiences focused on a topic with specific learning outcomes. ASME awards CEUs and/or PDHs for successful completion of each course. Our courses are available in Live and On Demand options to meet various learner preferences with unique features and benefits:


Virtual Classroom
Live course with an instructor and peers held in an online learning environment with digital enhancements and online materials.

In Person
Conducted in a physical classroom or lab with an instructor and peers.  

Note: ASME in-person activities will follow the state and local laws, regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19 applicable to the location of the event.  Learn more here.

On Demand

Self Study
100% online independent learning at your own pace. Learners can enroll and start at any time. Courses are accessible for 90 days.

Guided Study
Online learning augmented with instructor-led activities and/or graded assignments to complete at your own pace. Courses run in 6-week sessions.


Accelerate Your Career

Whether you want to transition into a new engineering field, deepen your technical expertise, become an engineering leader, or simply improve your performance in your current role, ASME Learning and Development can help you realize your career aspirations—and achieve transformative engineering innovations. With our exclusive learning paths, programs, and credentials you can build in-demand skills and tackle real-world challenges with confidence.

Accredited Training You Can Trust

ASME Learning and Development delivers high-quality instruction and learning experience design to the engineering community by following and maintaining a rigorous accreditation process per the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training. As a result of this accreditation, ASME Learning & Development is authorized to issue the IACET CEU. We are committed to providing consistent, high-quality, trustworthy training to you and your team.
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