The Future of ASME Standards

With the change in time, regulation, technology, economic needs and demands, and other factors; new and expanded standards are needed to ensure safety, reliability and operational efficiency.

Our Outreach

ASME’s standards development committees and staff are consistently on the lookout and are working with industry, academia, government, and general public to ensure worldwide innovation and emerging needs are addressed.

As part of a Society wide action, ASME standards development is looking into new initiative actions, with a concentration in the following five core areas; bioengineering, robotics, clean energy, manufacturing and pressure technology.

Additional detailed information on specific new initiatives can be seen on the associated pages below.

Contact Us

Requests to develop new ASME standards are evaluated in accordance with ASME Codes & Standards Policy (CSP) 49, Guide for Establishing New Codes or Standards Projects. To request formal evaluation of a proposal for a new ASME standards development activity, download and complete the checklist (Word or PDF) and email it to: Grace Bolan, Project Engineering Manager, Standards & Engineering Services, New Product Development.

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