ASME Certification Process


In preparation for obtaining ASME accreditation/certification, it is recommended that applicants review all the information related to their program including the applicable forms, checklists, and associated fees. This will ensure that applicants have a thorough understanding of the accreditation/certification program prior to submitting an application.

Things to do prior to submitting an application:
  1. Review relevant information about the desired certification program on ASME's website
  2. Decide on scope of work that will be certified by ASME
  3. Obtain required standards
  4. Enter into an agreement with an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) if required by the applicable standard
  5. Prepare the quality manual, a written description of the quality program
  6. Indoctrinate and train personnel to implement the quality program


Organizations seeking ASME accreditation/certification are required to submit the proper application forms and fees prior to receiving a review/survey date.

  1. New applicants will need to create a CA Connect account. For more information on this process, please see the CA Connect User Guide.
  2. Download the CA Connect User Guide pertaining to the following programs:
    • Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA),
    • Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE),
    • Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV),
    • Nuclear Component (N-Type),
    • Nuclear Material Organization (QSC),
    • Pressure Relief Devices Testing Lab (PRD),
    • PRT Certification,
    • Reinforce Thermoset Plastic.
  3. Download the CA Connect User Guide pertaining to the QPS Program.
  4. Existing account holders should first ensure that the primary contact for the account is correct. To change the primary contact for your company, please reference How to Change Primary Contact Information. For more information about the process for existing account holders, please see the CA Connect User Guide.
  5. Complete the relevant application.
  6. Submit a signed Accreditation and Certification Agreement Form.
  7. Remit associated fees, refer to the Price Guide for more information.

Please note: For all inquiries pertaining to the R, VR, NR, and NB certificates, please contact The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors at, or (614) 888-8320.


The purpose of the review/survey is to evaluate the applicant's quality manual and the implementation of the quality program. The extent will be determined by ASME, based on a review of the applicant's intended scope of activities as described in the application.

This assessment ensures that the applicant's quality program has been adequately implemented and that it complies with the requirements in the associated ASME standard. When the assessment has been completed, the review/survey team leader will submit a written report to ASME.


A certificate will be granted by ASME only after the applicant successfully demonstrates the implementation of their quality program to the ASME review/survey team. After ASME reviews the report submitted by the review/survey team, it will either authorize the issuance of the certificate or request additional action by the applicant. Certificate holders may request changes to their certificate(s) after issuance.

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