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ASME's license agreement is a legal document protecting the rights of our customers and ASME. Every customer is required to sign a license agreement at the start of their site license. Additional publications, license period extensions, and policy changes may be added by addendum.

ASME's license agreement includes terms requested by libraries from the academic, corporate and government sectors. Agreements have been developed to protect the rights of our customers and to grant rights to use content in ways specific to an electronic resource and closest to traditional print usage.

ASME Default License for Journal Articles

All versions of an ASME journal articles (Accepted Manuscript, Publish Ahead of Print, or the Final Version of Record) in PDF or HTML and print or digital format are subject to the ASME Copyright Guidelines and the Copyright Terms and Conditions executed between ASME and authors.

If a paper is published online through the ASME Digital Collection, access is further covered by the Terms of Use and/or the ASME Institutional License.

ASME Default License for Text Data Mining

Text Data Mining of ASME journal content requires a bilateral agreement with ASME. For articles that are part of CHORUS, the version of record will be made available for Text Data Mining to all users one year after the date of publication. Use of this content is covered by the ASME Copyright Transfer Agreement.


View the ASME Copyright Guidelines, to learn what constitutes the entire agreement between you and ASME, and supersedes all prior or current negotiations, understandings and representations, whether oral or written, between you and ASME concerning the Paper.

Terms & Conditions
ASME Copyright Guidelines
ASME Electronic Copyright Guidelines and Process


Once a paper has been published by ASME, an author or other interested party may wish to submit it for inclusion in a non-ASME publication or to incorporate some or all of its elements in another work. Since ASME is the legal holder of copyright for its papers, it will be necessary to secure ASME's permission as the copyright holder to have its material published in another source.

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