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ASME Standards & Certification Activities

For more than 125 years, industries worldwide have depended on ASME for technically sound, issue-precise standards. In turn, participation by volunteers in the standards development process, supported by their employers, has been a bedrock of ASME Standards & Certification.

Without question, these standards developing activities have made significant contributions to industry. What's important to remember is that participation in the process also benefits the volunteers, their employers and the general public.

We invite you to join your fellow professionals in this important work.

Benefits to Participants

By participating, you can influence the quality and direction of the standards of your chosen field. What's more, you'll reap personal and professional rewards. Additionally gain access to ASME electronic tools, including the C&S Connect portal for document changes, checking status of items, balloting and more.

  • Interact and network with and learn from the foremost technical experts in a given field.
  • Know about revisions before they're published.
  • Become aware of technical issues in the industry, learn how others deal with them, and how to avoid or resolve similar issues in your organization.
  • Realize the satisfaction of seeing your own efforts incorporated into a globally recognized body of work.
  • Broaden your understanding of other segments of your industry worldwide.
  • In some instances satisfy requirements tor continuing education or professional development hours in some jurisdictions, in the U.S., this may include specific state requirements for professional engineering registration.

Benefits to Supporting Organizations and the Public

Organizations realize direct and indirect benefits when they support employees' membership in ASME Standards & Certification activities.

  • Be confident your organization's interests are thoroughly considered in standards development, revisions, and requirements.
  • Ensure your organization is aware of revisions to standards and understands their technical basis.
  • Gain early awareness of technical issues in the industry and of others' solutions to them.
  • Enhance participating employees' understanding of relevant standards, and improve the application of rules, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Gain opportunities for shared participation in research and development.
  • Interact with technical experts from around the world.
  • Provide input for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards development.
  • Enhance public health and safety.
  • Enhance access to global markets and reduce barriers to trade.

We invite you to join your fellow professionals in this important work. Check the links below to learn how you, your industry and the public can benefit.

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Engineers make up ASME, and it's that passion and knowledge that literally runs the world.

By volunteering you can learn new skills, help the world, and influence the ASME of tomorrow.

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